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Data Management

Build solid foundations for your data.

Every house needs a solid foundation. The same applies to your data management. Well-thought-out data management provides this foundation.

Purpose of data management

With the increase in data and data sources, the importance of good data management has only grown further. The better you are at unlocking and using data in a proper way, the greater the benefits you can achieve. Results can translate into lower costs, higher profits, and competitive advantages. So, it's important to delve into the application and possibilities of data management.

Data management involves managing, maintaining, editing, and securing data. Furthermore, the purpose of data management is to ensure that the existing data is complete, reliable, and available on time for individuals or applications that make use of that data.

Importance of data management

Current and reliable information assists you in making the right decisions. To understand the importance of potentially improving data management within your organization, you can ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • How confident are you in the timeliness and reliability of the data on which you currently base your business decisions?
  • In case you are not so confident: what are the consequences if your conclusions are based on incorrect or outdated data?
  • Do you comply with the laws and regulations regarding working with sensitive data?
  • How is the security of your data ensured?

Data Growth

Can you easily extract information from a combination of data from operational systems? Examples include combining sales data with market data or combining production data with data from your HR system. Do you expect:

  • An increase or decrease in the amount of available data in the coming years.
  • An increase or decrease in the demand for information.
  • An increase or decrease in the importance of information.

Video: Why RRS Chooses TimeXtender's Data Management Solution

RRS is a market leader in the Netherlands in the field of sewer cleaning and unblocking. They serve the entire Netherlands from 12 locations. They manage all their data using TimeXtender. In this short video (2.41 min), you'll hear and see why RRS chose Victa's data management solution.

Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is a data management system aimed at providing insight and overview of your data from underlying source systems. A data warehouse often serves as a supportive system for analysis in the field of Business Intelligence (BI). Data warehouses typically contain large amounts of (historical) data, where data from different sources can be combined and made available in the form of logically related sets of processed data (datamarts).

Typical functionalities provided by a data warehouse include centrally managing definitions related to data (Business Rules), preserving historical data where such capability is lacking in underlying systems, and offloading operational systems when it comes to further data analysis. In summary, a data warehouse encompasses a structured amount of data for specific use.

Data Lake

A data lake is a storage facility for large amounts of unstructured data. The major difference from a data warehouse is that in a data lake, all data is stored in an unstructured manner. In a data lake, text files, databases, emails, and many other types of data can be stored. The advantages associated with this unstructured storage approach lie in the fact that storing data in this way becomes particularly easy; extensive processing is not required before data can be stored. The flip side of this coin is that if you want to use the data for other applications, you will need to apply logic afterward to interpret the data correctly.


Lay your foundation now

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