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Partnership with Coalesce

An addition to the Snowflake ecosystem

We are incredibly pleased to announce our partnership with Coalesce within the Snowflake ecosystem. Together, we will ensure that we can deliver customised data transformations that perfectly fit what our customers need.

Coalesce makes data transformations easier and more manageable.

We all know how revolutionary Snowflake's cloud-native architecture has been for storing, analyzing, and sharing data. But let's be honest, setting up an effective data pipeline within Snowflake can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, we now have Coalesce by our side. As a platform specifically designed for Snowflake, Coalesce makes it much easier and more manageable to perform data transformations for all our data experts.

Carlo Vruwink

"This is truly going to be a gamechanger. By joining forces with Coalesce, we can fully leverage Snowflake's potential in the Dutch market. That means our customers can now perform data transformations in Snowflake even faster and more efficiently."

No complex restructuring

In contrast to other solutions, Coalesce is specifically built for Snowflake in the cloud. No hassle with on-premises infrastructure or complex restructuring. Coalesce seamlessly integrates with Snowflake, utilizing all its unique capabilities. This means we can transform data faster and make it scalable, making our investment in Snowflake truly worthwhile.

And what really sets Coalesce apart is its intuitive graphical interface. Even our SQL gurus or architects can easily define data transformations without extensive programming knowledge. This means less hassle and fewer chances of errors.

High-quality results

Furthermore, Coalesce automatically generates Snowflake-native code, making implementation much faster and ensuring high-quality results. With built-in templates for common data structures and the flexibility to customize them, Coalesce makes it really easy for us to start data projects and meet the unique needs of our customers.

This collaboration with Coalesce truly demonstrates what we stand for as a Snowflake Partner. Expect sustainable architectures, automation for self-sufficiency, and end-to-end solutions for all our stakeholders. No more long development cycles, just quick insights and success for everyone!


Get informed about Coalesce

Want to know more about Coalesce or are you curious about the added value for you? Then get in touch. Our specialists will be happy to help you.


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