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Deventer Ziekenhuis

Important in the region of Salland

As a leading medium-sized hospital in the Salland region, Deventer Hospital plays an important role in healthcare. It is known for its priority on fast access, top quality, safety, trust, and personalized care. The hospital employs a workforce of approximately 2500 employees, with a total of 267 beds in the clinic, 73 beds for day treatment, and an Intensive Care (IC) unit with 12 beds.

Challenges in information and leading healthcare

The hospital utilizes various software such as AFAS Profit, HIX, MedEye, and Vidaví, offering a diverse array of data sources covering FTE deployment, production, protocols, and finances. Transforming this data into actionable management insights poses a challenge for the Finance, Control & Information (FC&I) department. Mark Klein Koerkamp, head of FC&I, noticed upon joining three years ago that the provided management information was limited.

Qlik Sense spreads throughout the organization like wildfire
Mark Klein Koerkamp
Head of FC&I

A New Course

On one side, I witnessed a team proud of their accomplishment: unlocking data through a data warehouse. On the other hand, I noticed a lack of communication with internal clients; they were not well-informed about our activities. This prompted me to prioritize timely delivery of relevant management information to the right stakeholders in my new role.

To enhance this management information, Mark Klein Koerkamp opted for a structured approach. The digital consultancy Ilionx was tasked with analyzing the current situation and drafting a plan for the hospital's future three years ahead.

Mark Klein Koerkamp stated, 'Our data from the sources in our data warehouse was fine. The main issue lay in the presentation. The data couldn't be visually represented for the user via self-service. Simple tables did not invite further exploration.'



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