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Fitwinkel and Qlik

Case study

Industry: Healthcare
Function: Executive, Operations, Procurement, Marketing, Sales, Service & Support
Challenge: Create insight into crucial KPIs to optimize the customer journey and strengthen the competitive position gains access to all their intel with Qlik is the expert in fitness equipment, sports nutrition, clothing, and accessories, offering a wide range of fitness and combat sports articles. With over 50 dedicated employees, they stay abreast of the latest fitness trends. Moreover, they understand that customers want to try and compare products, a possibility provided in the six franchise Fitwinkel stores spread across the Netherlands.

Insight is crucial for all e-commerce players

Dylan Wychgel, Business Intelligence Consultant at Victa, states, “To remain distinctive and provide optimal service to customers, it is essential for e-commerce players to always have insight into the most current information. This requires a bird's-eye view, dashboards presenting available information on various devices, including information kiosks. These bird's-eye views then need to be analyzed down to the smallest details to make business-propelling decisions. To achieve this, we often recommend Qlik® software. Organizations can quickly unlock data sources for visualizations, dashboards, and apps that answer the most critical business questions.”

We realized we needed to take new steps to process and analyze larger amounts of data
Twan van Essen
E-commerce & Franchise manager

Operating in an e-commerce niche

In the competitive e-commerce landscape, insight is invaluable. Twan van Essen, e-commerce & franchise manager at, explains: “At Fitwinkel, we aim to make a fit lifestyle accessible to everyone. With a growing home sports market, an extensive range alone is no longer sufficient. We also need to offer advice and ensure an excellent customer experience. Despite our combination of online and physical stores, optimizing the customer journey became more challenging, especially after our growth from 75,000 orders in 2019 to 170,000 orders in 2020. This led us to the realization that we needed to handle larger amounts of data more effectively.”

The first step was identifying needs and seeking a professional partner for the right BI solution. Twan van Essen continues: “We considered various tools, including Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik, and sought a suitable partner. We quickly found Victa, a renowned company in our region and the largest BI provider in the Netherlands. The match with their team was immediate, and their offering perfectly suited our needs.”



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