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Retrieve your data safely and quickly

Data Ingestion

The number of data capture sources has grown exponentially in recent years. Besides traditional data sources such as databases, data warehouses, data lakes, mainframes and apps, today almost all systems are offered in a SaaS model.

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    Data Ingestion

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    Data Storage

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    Data Management

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    Data Integration

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    Data Blending

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    Data Analytics

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    Data Distribution

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    Data Science

    Whereas we used to be able to connect our dashboards to a local database via an ODBC connection, we now see that we have to work with APIs to unlock data from various SaaS solutions (Salesforce, Exact Online, Twinfield, etc.). Calling an API is not easy and requires some coding to retrieve the right data (selections) in the right way (authorisation). This coding to communicate with APIs and retrieve data from SaaS solutions is called Data Connectivity. The process to then retrieve the data securely, quickly and completely is called Data Intake.


    We have several solutions that are simple, secure and quick to use. Connectors are lightweight web services that allow you to retrieve data online from SaaS environments (Salesforce, Exact Online, etc.) via APIs. Connectors are fully integrated with data analysis tools and work just like an ODBC connection to a database.

    • Universal ODBC-connectors (CDATA)
    • Qlik-connectors
    • Power BI-connectors
    • Victa-connectors

    Pipeline solutions

    In addition to direct integrations from a visualisation tool(Qlik or Power BI or a datamanagementoplossing (TimeXtender)), we also have solutions that go further and offer data pipeline management in addition to connectivity. Here we look not only at connectivity, but also at intermediate storage in a database/data warehouse or data warehouse, and ensure that data is transferred from the source to the analytical environment in a timely, secure, fast (incremental or change data capture) and complete manner.

    • Qlik Replicate
    • Qlik (SaaS) Web Connectors
    • Microsoft Data Factory
    • Microsoft Fabric
    • Talend Stitch
    • Talend Data Fabric

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