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Give your data a good foundation

Data Management

Data management is concerned with managing, maintaining, editing and securing data. The aim is to ensure that the data present is complete, reliable and available in a timely manner to persons or applications that use it.

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    Data Ingestion

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    Data Storage

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    Data Management

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    Data Integration

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    Data Blending

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    Data Analytics

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    Data Distribution

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    Data Science

    Leverage your data effectively

    Every house needs a foundation, and so does data management. A well-thought-out data management provides this foundation. The value of good data management has only increased recently. This increase is caused by several factors, including the growing availability of data and the increasing importance of making relevant information available at the right time and to the right people.

    The better you are at leveraging data effectively, the greater the benefits you can reap. Think of cost savings, higher profits and competitive advantages. So it is important to immerse yourself in the possibilities and applications of data management.

    Data management

    Up-to-date and reliable information helps make the right decisions. To understand the importance of improving data management within your organisation, ask yourself a few questions:

    • How confident are you about the timeliness and reliability of the data on which your business decisions are currently based?
    • What are the potential consequences if your conclusions are drawn based on incorrect or outdated information?
    • Do you comply with laws and regulations regarding working with privacy-sensitive data?
    • How is the security of your data guaranteed?

    Increasing data

    Can you easily extract information from a combination of data from operational systems? Think of combining sales data with market data or production data with HR data.

    • Do you expect an increase or decrease in the amount of data available in the coming years?
    • Do you expect a greater or lesser demand for information?
    • Do you expect information to become increasingly important or less relevant?

    Our data management services:

    • Microsoft Fabric
    • Microsoft Azure Synapse
    • Qlik Cloud Data Integration (QCDI)
    • Talend Data Fabric
    • TimeXtender
    • Coalesce (Snowflake)
    • DBT Core / DBT Cloud
    • Victa Data Platform

    Get informed

    Do you want to know more about Data Management and are curious to know how we can help you? Get in touch today. Our specialists are ready to help you.


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