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Data Science

Data science is the discipline concerned with extracting insights and knowledge from data. It involves collecting, analysing and interpreting data to enable valuable decision-making.

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    Data Ingestion

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    Data Storage

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    Data Management

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    Data Integration

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    Data Blending

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    Data Analytics

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    Data Distribution

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    Data Science

    Advanced solutions

    The amount of data is growing exponentially. To extract more smart insights from it, Victa offers advanced data science solutions. This allows organisations to turn information into insight and then create impact. With our extensive range of leading technologies, including Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Qlik Auto ML, Python and Tangent, we enable companies to make the most of their data for intelligent decision-making and innovation.

    Onze Data Science diensten

    Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

    Microsoft Azure Machine Learning: Leverage cloud-based machine learning services to unlock the potential of your data. Build, train and deploy models faster than ever thanks to the scalability and efficiency of Azure's infrastructure.

    Qlik Auto ML

    Make advanced machine learning accessible to your entire organisation. With Qlik Auto ML, business users can generate and implement predictive models without extensive technical knowledge.


    De sleutel tot moderne data science. Onze expertise in Python stelt ons in staat om op maat gemaakte oplossingen te ontwikkelen op het gebied van data-analyse, machine learning en AI die perfect aansluiten bij uw specifieke behoeften.


    A pioneering tool for automating data analysis and model development. Tangent optimises your data science workflows, allowing your team to focus on what really matters - generating insights and value.

    Right tool and expertise

    Whether you are just starting out in data science or want to expand your existing capabilities the right tool and expertise makes all the difference. Within Victa, we offer a wide range of capabilities and our experts are ready to support with:

    • Tailor-made solutions: We customise our services and solutions to meet your specific needs and goals.
    • User-friendliness: We make advanced data science accessible to users of all skill levels.
    • Forward-looking innovation: We keep an eye on the latest technological developments so that your organisation is always ahead of the curve.
    • Support and training: From technical support to user training, we make sure you get the most out of our products.

    Start your Data Science journey today

    Are you ready to make the most of the power of your data? Contact Victa for a consultation or demo of our products. Find out how we can transform your organisation with the power of data science.


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