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Safely manage valuable data

Data Storage

Data storage is essential for businesses collecting huge amounts of information. From crucial business data to volatile information such as IoT data, everything must be stored and managed securely to gain valuable insights.

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    Data Ingestion

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    Data Storage

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    Data Management

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    Data Integration

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    Data Blending

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    Data Analytics

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    Data Distribution

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    Data Science

    As a business, you collect a lot of data. This data is stored in various systems and can often be volatile. Indeed, it can disappear if you don't store it in time. In addition, a lot of data is not immediately ready for use, such as IoT data. Often, you first want to collect, merge, categorise, transform and enrich the data before you can start working with it (data management).

    Many companies therefore choose to first collect all important data centrally before sending it to a data management or data analytics environment. To achieve this, there are various techniques available such as (cloud and local) databases, (cloud and local) data warehousing, Blob storage and data warehouses.

    At Victa, we offer the following services:

    • Microsoft Azure storage (Azure SQL, Azure DWH, Azure Blob)
    • Microsoft Dataverse
    • Snowflake (cloud data warehouse)
    • Amazon S3 (AWS)
    • Databricks

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