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Alteryx Server provides a comprehensive solution for analysts, allowing them to share analytical applications with business decision-makers within your organisation. This combines the power of a server-based analytics solution with the ease of use and interaction of ready-to-use business applications, all hosted within the server's infrastructure.

Alteryx Server

Alteryx improves the capacity of business analysts to perform deeper analysis that leads to better insights. To really drive data-driven decision-making within your organisation, it is crucial to be able to share the insights created with other departments and decision-makers. This also means providing accessibility and flexibility so that others can develop their own analytics apps and tailor the output to their specific needs. This gives business analysts more time to focus on insights for further development, without wasting their time compiling reports for others.

Manage your own gallery

With Alteryx Server, you can store developed datasets and analyses centrally in an organised way, allowing everyone in your organisation to exploit the added value of these data and analyses.

Data-driven decisions

Alteryx Business Insights goes beyond standard demographic data with information on behaviour and purchases to create the in-depth vision you need for your successful marketing strategies. Understand actual and projected lifestyle, behaviour, attitudes, buying preferences, media interaction and much more!

In addition, using the Alteryx server has other advantages. Namely:

  • Personalise your own gallery

Customise your gallery with your own corporate identity for a professional, business look.

  • Collaborate with business and data analysts

Store workflows in a central repository with version control, creating an effective and secure environment in which business and data analysts can share knowledge and workflows.

  • Publish datasets and analyses
Decision-makers get easy access to datasets and analyses through the central gallery, allowing them to make informed decisions based on validated data.

Scheduling analyses

Alteryx Server allows you to schedule workflows developed in Alteryx Designer, allowing the reloading of datasets to be fully automated. This can be done at preset times or when specific triggers are activated or events occur.

In this way, end users always have access to the latest, validated datasets, while workflows are centrally managed, monitored and executed.

  • Scheduling workflows and loading processes

Take advantage of server capabilities to schedule workflows and loading processes from within Alteryx Designer based on a schedule, triggers or ad hoc requirements.

  • Real-time status overviews

Monitor the progress of workflows and loading processes in real-time.

  • Control over management

Easily adjust scheduling, cancel workflows or load processes as needed, and seamlessly integrate scheduling with other scheduled activities, such as backups or nightly transaction processing.

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