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Qlik Sense extension

Vizlib's extensions extend the capabilities of Qlik Sense dashboards even further. The interactive visualisations provide users with the desired information instantly. Even without technical knowledge, they can quickly create comprehensive visualisations.

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Advanced visualisations enrich your dashboards

Vizlib's advanced visualisations combine the 'wow effect' with added value and functionality. You can purchase Vizlib's extensions modularly and fully customise them to your organisation. With extensive style and layout options, you can seamlessly integrate the extensions into the unique design of your dashboard. With Vizlib, you take your Qlik Sense apps to the next level. Check out the possibilities in the video to the right.

Vizlib Library

Vizlib Library is absolutely the most powerful dashboard solution for Qlik Sense. Its incredibly intuitive user experience, with no coding required, saves developers and analysts countless hours of development and opens doors previously unthinkable. The Vizlib Library includes a comprehensive range of Qlik Sense extensions for Visual Analytics:

  • Additional functionalities such as reference lines and interactive tooltips.
  • Additional visualisations such as Sankey Chart, KPI designer and Story Timelines.
  • Components such as Sliders, Filters and Calendars.
  • Navigation extensions for easily adding menus and containers.
  • Additional functionality for (pivot) tables.
  • Possibility for Advanced Analytics through Forecasting and Clustering.

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Vizlib Self-Service

Vizlib Self-Service offers the option for ad-hoc reporting with 'create your own report'. This allows you to create interactive reports, such as dynamic tables or pivot tables based on data from Master Tables. It is a widely used method to quickly get relevant answers in your daily work.

With Vizlib Self-Service, you can also easily add photos or logos to dashboards. The Card Extensions in Sales and Marketing dashboards can display assortment and other product information with images, enriching your dashboard.

Vizlib's Self Service module includes a selection bar. This gives you clear, predefined dimensions and time selections to quickly get the desired insights and results. The KPI Extension for Qlik Sense provides the perfect overview. If you need detailed information about a KPI, you can easily navigate to the sheet that contains the detailed information with the press of a button.

Vizlib Service

When you have limited space and want to place multiple visualisations in the same place, the Container Box extension is the solution. You can easily choose which visualisation to display via the menu or with icons. This is a powerful yet simple addition to Qlik Sense's user interface. Advanced users can use expressions to determine which object to display based on values or selections in the application, making the experience both 'guided' and 'flexible'.

Vizlib Finance

Vizlib Finance's functionality is specially designed to meet the requirements of modern finance departments. With Vizlib Finance, users get a template of a P&L and balance sheet that will amaze many a CFO.

Moreover, users can add real-time comments to objects or sheets, stimulating collaboration and providing optimal support to the decision-making process.

Vizlib Collaboration

Vizlib Collaboration

Add comments to sheets or objects and share them with colleagues to avoid miscommunication. Share bookmarks or annotations and share charts including comments via Microsoft Teams, Slack or other web meeting tools. This promotes collaboration and optimises the decision-making process.


Are you curious about Vizlib's functionalities? Watch a few demos of Vizlib Collaboration and Vizlib Finance, among others, below to see what Vizlib can do for your organisation.


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